Yesterday – Day 2

We got up yesterday morning and decided that we needed another heat lamp and a couple more chicks. So, we went back to Tractor Supply (for the 5th time.) We decided to get 2 Rhode Island Red chicks. Well, the minimum purchase is 6, so 6 it was. And now we have 10 chicks and two heat lamps! Everyone is very happy.  

The 6 new Rhode Island Red chicks.

 The chicks were not leaving the heat lamp and sleeping a lot. This is how I knew we needed another lamp. Now they are moving around a lot.


 We are going to sell 4 of the Rhode Island Red chicks. The RI’s aren’t exactly the type of chickens I would like to raise but they are great egg layers. So, we have 4 chicks for sale if you are in the Sarasota/Tampa Bay Area.

Meme (Beau’s grandmother/ my mom- always think of “Home” when I say this or hear someone else say it LOL, sorry, had to share) got to meet the chicks. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go (you know how mother’s can be.) It went better than I thought. It was pouring rain so she didn’t get to see much and then we moved on.


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