Black Sex Links, Black Giants and Ameraucanas – Oh My!

I think we are addicted LOL. Friday we added 2 black sex links, 2 black Giants and 3 Ameraucanas, giving us a total of 17 at the moment. 


 We now have 5 breeds and a very happy family. However, they weren’t all happy at first. When we first introduced the new chicks, the RI Reds were not being very nice and pecking at them pretty aggressively. Since I knew we were selling 4 of the 6 RI Reds I decided to go ahead and pull 4 out. I kept them separated for a few hours. When I finally put them back in the coop, everyone had blended well and they just joined the group without any issues. The RI Reds are noticeably larger than the golden sex links so it was easy to tell them apart, and most of them  have reddish heads.


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