The Coop Got a Lift

Lift kit: 2 1x4x6 treated boards, 2x8x12 (cut in 3 38.25″ pieces), 12 L brackets, chicken wire 3’x10′.   

We stapled the chicken wire to the bottom of the coop. We cut it (after stapling the wire on the left side and top, then stapled the rest. Then we screwed the 1x4x6 boards to the 38.25″ pieces (which ended up being too long and we had to cut more.) I got the dimensions from the Farm House details online, the base of the coop was not even 3′ deep, nor 73″ long LOL… But everything worked out and it turned out awesome 👍🏻   

 We do not have to use wood chips on the bottom anymore (of course we do in the nesting area) and the poop will drop through the wire so we can rake it out now. I think eventually we will paint the wood white. 

This was super easy and feel free to contact us if you have questions or want more detail. We don’t have the heat lamps on the coop now since it so far from the house. However, we are still covering it with a blanket.


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