To Be Free or Not to Be

Now that the chicks are bigger we’ve been trying to figure out the best and safest way to give them more room. We went to Come See Come Save on Saturday to look at chicken runs. This was a very informative visit. We learned that we don’t need a run for the coop. Chickens stay close to where they are fed, and since the yard is already fenced the chicks (most likely) won’t leave. We were told to start training the chicks now with dried meal worms. So, yesterday was our first day trying this out and it went well. It took the chicks a while to step out of their comfort zone, especially the second batch we got (which have also been handled a lot less.) Eventually, all 13 chicks ventured out. The chicks didn’t leave the immediate vicinity of the coop, they actually hung out under the coop most of the time.
We left the chicks out until late afternoon. Then we had the fun challenge of collecting 13 chicks… I should have videoed this LOL (but I had to assist by corralling them.) This really was a lot of fun and we laughed a lot! We are working on training the chicks to get back in the coop with the meal worms. They must be locked up at night for safety. We have chicken Hawks, possums, raccoons and lots of “community cats.”


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