To Be Free (Range) It Is

So we’ve just been letting the chicks out when we are around, usually late afternoon until dusk. It’s been going very well. Gathering 13 chicks has been fun and challenging. However, the other night we decided to leave them out longer since we were working in the yard and all of a sudden the chicks were all in bed- by themselves! We couldn’t believe it. So, now we leave them out until they put themselves to bed and then Beau locks the coop up. 

Last night we forgot to close and lock the nesting door and this morning most of them had flown the coop and were out in the yard already. I came out to this…

Five of them stayed in the coop until we opened it. It appears they have a new favorite hang out in the corner of the yard, not far from the left side of the coop…

Beau and I are in agreement to leave the chicks out all day today and see how it goes. They’re still on the smaller size and we do have Hawks (and a pit bull next door trying to dig his way under the fence), but “may the force be with them.”

Goddy, Beau’s BFF (best feline friend), loves the entertainment! He’s an indoor cat, so he thinks this is great!

Chillin’ at the Back Window


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