Spot, the Mini Rex

Prior to getting Bleau, I had a plan to take Beau out to Myakka City and pick out a bunny that would be old enough on Beau’s birthday to come back to Beaucoop. Well, we stuck to this plan and Spot is now at Beaucoop. 

We took Bleu with us to confirm his sex. This was a good thing because she ended up being a he, and now we have two males… Which we had to watch closely. Spot was born on April 25 and only 5 weeks on Beaus’s birthday, so much younger and smaller than Bleu. 

We learned how to tell a rabbit’s sex, how to check their teeth and how to clip their nails. This was a great experience! We had never seen Bleau so calm.

We kept Bleau and Spot in the house the first couple of nights and in the rabbit house during the day. I monitored them closely. Bleau is the happiest we’ve ever seen him. He literally has a new kick in his step…

Bleu and Spot are like two peas in a pod 💕


Bleu, an Early Birthday Gift

I broke down and decided to get Beau a rabbit for his 5th birthday. I also decided to get one a little early, April 30 2016. 

I found a few ads on Craigslist and called a few people. We ended up driving out to a little shop in Ellenton and then going to a place up the road from the shop where the rabbits were. 

Bleu is a Lionhead rabbit. He was about 4 months old when Beau got him, so born in January 2016.