We’ve got eggs!

Today is the third day an egg was found. They are brown, organic and the chickens are cage free. I think only one hen is laying, but she’s giving one a day right now. 

The first egg was found in the laundry room with the hen! Not sure how she got in there, but she sure was ready to get out! She ran straight for some water and was very thirsty. 

The first day Goddy, the cat, swatted it and cracked it. The second day’s egg is still in tact. And today’s egg one of the chickens pecked a hole in it. We are going to have to do some reading on this, learn some tips and tricks!

Her are several photos and a video…

Day 1, in the laundry room 💗💕
Day 1
Day 1. What is that?!

Day 1, 2 and 3 💗💕
Day 3, found it outside the back door in this condition 👎
Day 3- organic, brown and fresh!
Day 1 and 2, day 2 is on the keft.
Day 2, found outside the kitchen window under the Bird of Paradise 💗💕
Day 1, after the cat got a hold of his new “toy.”


Arcadia Small Animal Auction

This post is a little late. We ended up with a couple of roosters, two out of our three Anericaunas and my favorite “hen.” Anyway, we couldn’t keep them so we started exploring our options and decided to take them to the Arcadia Small Animal Auction (suggested by Come See Come Sav.) There is guy, one guy, that they refer everyone to that needs to get rid of a rooster or roosters; however, he takes them all to the auction. So, we decided to take a trip to Arcadia for our Friday night date night. The auction is every Friday at 7pm, drop off starts early in the morning. 

It was an experience… And I couldn’t go through with it. We ended up pulling our roosters out and leaving. The entire time we were there I was trying to get on the “Florida Chicken Swap” Facebook page to find someone that would take our roosters and give them a good home… I finally did at the last minute. The boy that started the group page responded and we ended up meeting up that evening. The next morning he sent Beau pics of the roosters out in their yard with a bunch of chicks. I was so relieved and everyone was happy!

(Pictures will follow, new phone.)