Rent the Chicken – Sarasota FL

Beau•coop is becoming an affiliate of “Rent the Chicken.” You can rent 2-4 chickens for up to 6 months. If you get attached, don’t worry, an adoption program is available. FREE delivery within 50 miles. Beau•coop provides everything you need to start getting fresh eggs. Beau only has 10 hens left so don’t wait to call, reserve your chickens today 941-451-6656.

BeauCoop’s Official Website is Coming Soon!

The website will be up and running in the next day or so A lot is happening at Beau•coop so be sure to come back and take a peep.

Lizard, It’s What’s for Lunch

All of a sudden one of the chickens was running around crazy in the yard. We couldn’t figure out what she was doing, and then…

We saw the lizard, and down it went! 

Spot, the Mini Rex

Prior to getting Bleau, I had a plan to take Beau out to Myakka City and pick out a bunny that would be old enough on Beau’s birthday to come back to Beaucoop. Well, we stuck to this plan and Spot is now at Beaucoop. 

We took Bleu with us to confirm his sex. This was a good thing because she ended up being a he, and now we have two males… Which we had to watch closely. Spot was born on April 25 and only 5 weeks on Beaus’s birthday, so much younger and smaller than Bleu. 

We learned how to tell a rabbit’s sex, how to check their teeth and how to clip their nails. This was a great experience! We had never seen Bleau so calm.

We kept Bleau and Spot in the house the first couple of nights and in the rabbit house during the day. I monitored them closely. Bleau is the happiest we’ve ever seen him. He literally has a new kick in his step…

Bleu and Spot are like two peas in a pod 💕

Bleu, an Early Birthday Gift

I broke down and decided to get Beau a rabbit for his 5th birthday. I also decided to get one a little early, April 30 2016. 

I found a few ads on Craigslist and called a few people. We ended up driving out to a little shop in Ellenton and then going to a place up the road from the shop where the rabbits were. 

Bleu is a Lionhead rabbit. He was about 4 months old when Beau got him, so born in January 2016. 

The Chicks Are Growing Up

They are getting so big and full. It’s interesting to see how the different breeds have changed. We are leaving them out all day, everyday now until my they decide to go to bed in the upstairs of the coop – the nesting area. Hey are about 2 months now. It doesn’t appear that we have any roosters and all of the chicks are still alive and kickin’ 🙏🏻   

Grey Gardens
Their Favorite Hang Out
Beau, one of our 1st chicks and Bleu 🐰
Beau and his favorite chick, the red one 🐔

Shake Your Tail Feather (4/5/16)

This post is a little late, but (no pun intended) the pics were so cute we had to share. The pics were taken April 5, 2016. We should have taken the pics after we cleaned under the coop, which we had to do daily (btw.) When the chicks started getting their tail feathers…

The yellow chicks are a few days older than the other 7 chicks.
Americauna, no tail feathers yet- but super cute!
Just the beginning 1
Just the beginning 2
When they drink, they always put their head up like this.
We had to over expose this photo to show the li’l black tail.