Rent the Chicken – Sarasota FL

Beau•coop is becoming an affiliate of “Rent the Chicken.” You can rent 2-4 chickens for up to 6 months. If you get attached, don’t worry, an adoption program is available. FREE delivery within 50 miles. Beau•coop provides everything you need to start getting fresh eggs. Beau only has 10 hens left so don’t wait to call, reserve your chickens today 941-451-6656.


Day 1

It was a very busy day for us! We started at the Tractor Supply Store when they opened to purchase the chicken coop. We decided on a Producer’s Pride coop, the Farm House model (see pictures.) then we went to Parrish General Supply to see what chicks they got in, they didn’t have any the other day. Today they had Golden Sex Links and Delawares, we ended up with 4 Goldens (instead of two! Lol.) A lot of stores get “hatchery’s choice” so they never know what they are going to get until they arrive. These chicks came from New Mexico and are a couple of days old. A few other things we had to get: medium food and water bowls ($13), premium pine shavings (they are smaller $8), heat lamp ($9, already had the casing) and organic grower crumbles ($13.)

Parrish General Supply


Checking out with 4 new family members 💗


Picking out “two” Golden chicks 💕


Beau and the “chick crate.”

We finally got home and put the coop together. It was very easy and didn’t take long. We set it up next to the shed in the yard; however, we had to move it closer to the house since the chicks were not warm enough (and we live in Florida.) So, for the next couple of weeks the coop will be on the back patio with the heat lamp (see pictures.)

The hutch pieces


The front run area pieces

The completed “Farm House” chicken coop…


Zoe, Beau’s best friend .


Zoe is a French Bulldog, so this will give you a grat scale for size.

A view feom the top, prior to putting the roof on.


The nesting area, prior to attaching the roof.

After we relocated the coop next to the house…

Everyone checking out the new location.


Underneath the nesting area and the heat lamp.